The Commercial Music & Production degree program is designed to prepare undergraduate students for the many issues facing today’s commercial music writers and producers. In this specialized program, successful students complete diverse compositional assignments, develop technical and practical skills in the recording studio, and acquire an understanding of the music industry.

Advanced Writing and Communication Skills


All students are required to successfully complete 3 Advanced Writing and Communication Skills (AWC) courses. Student degree requirements will include courses that meet the desired communication outcomes in evaluated and revised writing, speaking, stage presence, and audience engagement.

All Media Writing and Production students will successfully complete:

  1. MCY 141 Musical Trends and Traditions, which will include substantial evaluated and revised writing components.
  2. MTC 402 Composition VIII, which will include evaluated communication skills in attracting an audience, engaging an audience during performance, and preparing program notes or similar media as appropriate to the medium/venue.
  3. MTC 311 Analysis and Experience, which will include discipline specific communication skills.


There will be at least 2 specific assessments in each Advanced Communications Skills course for communications or writing equivalent to 4000 words, evaluated and revised.

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