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The Power of Community

We strive to make the classroom/studio environment inclusive in the MWP program. Class sizes are small which allow for close-knit bonds to develop between classmates as well as instructors. Invariably this leads to collaborations far beyond the confines of coursework and class projects. It is not uncommon for students to work together on and off campus.


Writing and Performing in MWP

The MWP recording ensemble was created to provide MWP students with the opportunity to practice their writing and arranging skills for a live ensemble. There is no reason not to have fun and retain our high standards.

We do have a lot of fun but when it’s time to make music it is all business. Everyone is required to act with professionalism and be fully prepared thus exposing students to industry expectations.

Where MWP Will Lead You 

Expressing yourself succinctly and accurately as an artist and person have long-term benefits. Throughout the program, we believe critical thinking, analysis and creative problem-solving are essential components of a productive life and career. To this end, we focus on the acquisition of production, studio management, personal branding, social media marketing, and presentation skills. These skills are then applied by the student when they plan and organize their senior recital.

The senior recital provides students the opportunity to announce themselves and their artistry to the world in a concert presentation format. Each recital is unique and reflects the diversity of interests of the student body and their respective culture. Game music, film music, singer-songwriters, EDM performers and more are all welcome in MWP because the skills acquired are easily transferable to most any genre. This performance serves not only as an expression of the work done while in MWP but also as a launch pad for future endeavors.

Our approach may be unusual to some, but it seems organic and natural to Professor Boardman: "As our world continues to change at breath-taking speed, having the ability to identify problems and find creative solutions will become increasingly valuable and easily adapted to any professional environment. I believe this gives our students the capability to succeed in whatever they choose to do".